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We all need a little help and a new perspective sometimes. Issues like trauma, anxiety, stress, depression, relationship concerns, self-worth, disordered eating, and grief are hard to navigate on our own sometimes. My job is not to tell you what to do or what you want to hear. Instead, I aim to create a compassionate and collaborative space to explore unresolved traumatic experiences that are negatively impacting you and excavate problematic patterns - while identifying solutions to current problems, fostering your resilience, and unearthing your potential. 

My goal is to help you bring your problems and solutions into focus.

I work best with motivated, insightful individuals who are ready to make lasting changes. Getting back to our old selves, or feeling better than we ever have before, is possible. 

Read more about my approach to individual therapy, including an innovative eye movement therapy called Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART), that is effective in treating trauma and many other concerns. I also provide adult ADHD testing and various trainings and workshops for professionals.

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In Focus Psychotherapy LLC aims to improve the lives of individuals struggling with the
after-effects of trauma.