Psychological Testing

Adult ADHD Testing

How to know if you need an evaluation:

Have you struggled with academic or career underachievement? Are you often forgetting important dates or appointments, or misplacing your keys? Have you had trouble finishing tasks for college, home, or work? Do you struggle to set and follow through with goals? Have you had difficulty staying focused, maintaining concentration, and being present for class lectures or work meetings? Have many of these issues been present since childhood? ( You might benefit from a comprehensive evaluation.

What to expect:

A comprehensive assessment to determine if an individual has attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) includes an in-depth diagnostic interview, self-report and informant questionnaires, and various cognitive and executive functioning assessments. During the feedback session outlining your results, you will receive a written report with results and therapeutic recommendations. Psychological testing is available for adults (aged 18+).

Benefits of psychological testing:

A thorough and ethical assessment process is designed to identify symptoms, determine functioning, and clarify and understand diagnoses. This process can also lead to enhanced insights into patterns and behaviors, more accurate treatment recommendations and directions, and identity strengths and areas for growth. A diagnosis of ADHD is not guaranteed.


The total cost of an ADHD evaluation is between $500-625, depending on time and assessments needed. Testing includes a 90-minute diagnostic interview, assessment(s) administration, scoring, and interpreting results, report writing, and a 30-minute feedback session. See the Services and Fees page for information about private pay.

Additional Testing

Additional testing options may be available. Contact me for more information.

Dr. Lindsay Murn is not a forensic expert and therefore assessments needed for forensic or court-related matters are not offered.