Getting Started

Phone Consultation:

Successful therapy is about finding a good fit. During our 15-minute phone consultation, we will briefly discuss your reasons for seeking therapy and your interest in and readiness for Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART). Feel free to browse my specialties and ask any questions you have about getting started!

Due to licensing and liability, you must be over 18 and located in the State of Minnesota to receive services at In Focus Psychotherapy LLC. Telehealth and in-person* options are available. If it is determined that your needs may be better served by another provider or agency, community referrals may be provided to you.

What to Expect

Your First Appointment:

You will receive a link to my secure client portal with forms to complete prior to your first scheduled appointment.

The first session is referred to as a Clinical Interview or Diagnostic Assessment. During this meeting, we will thoroughly assess and explore your presenting concerns and gather relevant background information about your family, social, occupational, health, and trauma history.

*Masks, physical distancing, enhanced cleaning measures, and/or telehealth options are utilized to mitigate the risks during a public health crisis.


The first few therapy sessions after the Clinical Interview are centered on understanding you better and establishing achievable goals for therapy. Collaboration is key! Together, we will focus in on the main problem areas in your life by first discovering unhealthy patterns and distressing experiences, and then identifying the best avenues for addressing them.

We'll choose the most effective treatment approaches and interventions to reduce your symptoms and resolve your problems. Feeling and seeing results in your daily life is vital to your therapeutic journey.

Psychotherapy Sessions:

Everyone comes to therapy with unique experiences, concerns, and goals; I draw from psychodynamic, trauma-responsive, culturally-informed, and evidence-based approaches to provide the highest-quality, individualized, and effective therapy possible.

I aim to create a compassionate and collaborative space where, together, we can explore painful or traumatic experiences and resolve them, better understand unhealthy life patterns, and identify solutions to current problems. The insight you will gain through therapy is a catalyst for finally healing from trauma, restoring autonomy, achieving balance, and improving your overall well-being.

Telehealth Appointments

Telehealth appointments are offered using a confidential video conferencing platform. Individuals may choose telehealth for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to, until the risk of COVID-19 has sufficiently reduced, not yet being fully vaccinated, distance (you may be located outside of the Mankato, MN area), scheduling convenience, and other reasons.